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Supply chain management (SCM) is the fastest growing area of business today, and is at the core of success of most leading companies. Knowledge of SCM is necessary to participate in this growing and exciting career field. However, SCM is challenging in scope and complexity. Even today there is a misunderstanding of SCM. Most people assume that SCM is part of logistics and distribution, or purchasing, or perhaps marketing They do not understand the intricacies and broad reach of this rapidly evolving area of business. This book is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of SCM, key issues involved, and the very latest business thinking. This book is different from other SCM textbooks. It is specifically written as a comprehensive SCM text providing an integrated and global perspective. Recent trends have made the study of SCM especially challenging. Today's business environment has forced companies to compete in very different ways than just a few years ago.

Supply Chain Management

  • 978-8195499953

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